Judith Lomba Hypnotherapy - I help people through critical illness and traumatic situations
Hypnotherapy is a fast, safe, efficient method of stabilizing our emotions to help us regain the inner balance which will allow us to move forward in our life. It is a proven successful strategy for managing many medical and psychological conditions. Unlike conventional therapy, its sole focus is the unconscious mind. Distinct from the analytical conscious mind, the unconscious mind is the repository of all our life experiences---our habits, emotions, belief systems, intuition, and insight. It is also the base for our autonomic system and controls all our bodily functions, largely without our awareness, such as our heartbeat and immune system. The unconscious mind is synonymous with our self-preservation and is wired to protect us. Because it is geared to work on our behalf it responds well to hypnotherapeutic suggestions. Since the unconscious mind is constantly working for our survival, it does not need to be analyzed, convinced or forced into trying new ways of dealing with whatever challenges we are facing. It simply needs guidance.  

All forms of therapy are based on a belief in the regenerative power of both the body and the mind. Hypnotherapy provides gentle interaction between the body and mind to speed this regeneration. My clients have been my greatest teachers in this area: thanks to their experiences I have substituted a “belief” in a person’s ability to heal, for absolute conviction of that fact.                 
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