Judith Lomba Hypnotherapy - I help people through critical illness and traumatic situations

I have been in private practice as a clinical hypnotherapist for over 25 years. Concurrently, I've taught the “direct suggestion” method of hypnotherapy and have lectured extensively on the influence of the mind-body interaction on one’s health. My focus is on issues of fear, anxiety, pain management and trauma. For the past decade I’ve worked with people who are seriously ill, particularly those who have been given a frightening medical diagnosis. I aid them in redirecting their attention away from self-defeating thoughts and toward their innate strengths.  

My interest in this area led me to establish Synoptics Research, LLC, a biomedical animation company. As part of Synoptics’ mission, I designed a five-time award winning DVD:  “Guided Visualization: working with the healing power of your immune system” was created to offset the overwhelming fear people typically experience when confronted with serious illness. It is a blend of relaxation, education, and emotional support. It’s in widespread distribution in hospitals, nursing schools, cancer clinics and individual homes throughout the country.

Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHT #90010)
President, Synoptics Research, LLC
Certification, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
Masters’ Studies, Counseling and Art Therapy, College of Notre Dame
B.A., Honors, Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz
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