Judith Lomba Hypnotherapy - I help people through critical illness and traumatic situations
Hypnotherapy is the equivalent of a guided daydream---a deeper, effortless form of meditation. It is characteristically brief. We work together to determine the issue you want changed; we identify your strengths; then hypnosis is employed to direct those strengths toward the resolution of your problem.  

Stress, specifically one’s perception of stress, can be an enormous barrier to psychological, physiological and spiritual balance. Although stress is unavoidable in life, our perception of it and how we manage those perceptions is our choice. In the course of a session, we will re-frame your relation to stress. I help you view stress from a new vantage point; one that puts you in charge, as opposed to at the mercy of, whatever situation you’re dealing with. 

For the past decade my practice has consisted predominantly of people who are facing the challenges of chronic or life threatening illness; I also work with their caregivers, and with survivors of trauma. The major issues we focus on are pain relief, fear and anxiety management, stress reduction and motivational support.

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